Double Control Waist Trainer Corset


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  • Function & Results: Reduced waist circumference, lumbar support, postpartum healing, and increased sweating during activity rather than fat burning; Keep warm in the cold, sweat profusely in the heat, protect the spine, practice good posture and erect posture, and so on.
  • Bullet Point: This Abdominal Wrap Weight Loss Corset Shaper has a double-adjustable high compression design to make sure it can fit your shape as comfortably as possible. It has three rows of hook and eye closures on the inside and an exterior zipper closure.
  • Your back will receive some wonderful support from the 9 Spiral Steel Boned. Your posture will be helped, especially if you spend a lot of time using the computer. It will serve as a reminder to always stand straight.
  • Promotes Body Heat: The Sweat Enhancing Sauna Waist Trainer Corset increases sweating in your core during activity more than standard gym attire; Ideal for YOGA, POSTPARTUM RECOVERY, GYM, SPORTS, BODY SHAPING, etc.; and ensures proper posture while you exercise.

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